Connector of people, things and information. Not currently for hire, but you can always dare me. Obviously interested in promising blablabla and finding ways to blablabla.

Now working as Policy Analyst and Researcher at DG JRC / Joint Research Centre, European Commission, in Brussels. Mainly exploring Community Engagement and Citizen-Driven Science and Technology within H2020 CAPS project Making Sense / #MakingSenseEU, and developing Collaborative and Transdisciplinary Frameworks for Evidence-based Policy Advice at the EU Policy Lab / #PolicyLab4EU, with projects as Blockchain4EU / #Blockchain4EU.

Previously, Researcher at CETCOPRA / Centre d’Etude des Techniques des Connaissances et des Pratiques of Université Paris 1 / Panthéon-Sorbonne; Associate Researcher at VitruviusFabLab of ISCTE-IUL / University Institute of Lisbon; Associate Researcher at CIES-IUL / Center for Research and Studies in Sociology of ISCTE-IUL, as MC of COST Action IS1007 Investigating Cultural Sustainability; Visiting Researcher at the Department of STS / Science and Technology Studies of RPI / Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; Associate Researcher and Consultant in Participatory and Community-based CSO/NGO projects at national and international levels.

Formal education in Sociology BA Hons / PhD candidate, and Philosophy DEA Master / PhD candidate. Expertise ranging from Qualitative Social Analysis and Ethnographic Mappings to Collaborative Creation/Production and Participatory Action Research.

Focus on Transdisciplinary and Interdisciplinary Frameworks; Community Driven Research and Citizen Engagement; Phenomenology and Everyday Life Studies; Design for Policy and Public Innovation; Science and Technology Politics and Foresight; Free/Libre/Open Science and Technology; DIY/DIT Maker Cultures and Digital Fabrication; Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies; Anthropologies and Archaeologies of Urban Material Cultures; Waste, Obsolescence, Repair and Circular Ecologies; and Environmental and Social Sustainabilities.