// Connector of people, things and information. Not currently for hire, but do tempt me. Always interested in finding ways to blablabla and more.

// Project Manager / Researcher / Policy Analyst at the Foresight, Modelling, Behavioural Insights and Design for Policy Unit of the JRC / Joint Research Centre, European Commission‘s in-house science and knowledge service.
// Transdisciplinary, collaborative, future-oriented and experimental processes for evidence-based policy advice, at the EU Policy Lab / #PolicyLab4EU and Competence Centre on Foresight / #Foresight4EU.

// Participatory Scenario Building on Global Standing of EU in 2040 – Open Strategic Autonomy [Institutional Project in support of the Vice-President for Interinstitutional Relations and Foresight];
// DLT4Good: Co-creating a European Ecosystem of Distributed Ledger Technologies for Social and Public Good / #DLT4Good [European Parliament Pilot Project with DG CNECT];
// Blockchain4EU: Blockchain for Industrial Transformations / #Blockchain4EU [Institutional Project with DG GROW | JRC Excellence Award in Best Science for Policy – Ad-hoc Support];
// Making Sense: Advances and Experiments in Participatory Sensing / #MakingSenseEU [H2020 CAPS Project with Waag + IAAC / FabLab Barcelona + PEN / Science for Change Kosovo + University of Dundee | Ars Electronica STARTS Prize Honorary Mention].

// Researcher at CETCOPRA / Centre d’Etude des Techniques des Connaissances et des Pratiques of University of Paris 1 / Panthéon-Sorbonne, with projects as Remnant Daily Objects;
// Associate Researcher at VFabLab of ISCTE-IUL / University Institute of Lisbon, with coordination of projects as STTF2013 Summer School and programs as Choose Science: From School to University;
// Associate Researcher at CIES-IUL / Center for Research and Studies in Sociology of ISCTE-IUL, with projects as Sociology on Technology and as MC of COST Action IS1007 Investigating Cultural Sustainability;
// Visiting Researcher at the Department of STS / Science and Technology Studies of RPI / Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute;
// Associate Researcher / Consultant in Participatory and Community-based CSO / NGO projects.

// Sociology [BA Hons Department of Sociology, ISCTE-IUL + PhD Candidate School of Sociology and Public Policy, ISCTE-IUL];
// Philosophy / Anthropology [DEA Master UFR Philosophy, University of Paris 1 + PhD Candidate Philosophy Doctoral School, University of Paris 1];
// Multiple trainings, including Oxford Scenarios Programme + Facilitation in LEGO Serious Play Method.

// Emerging / Frontier Science + Technology;
// Anticipatory + Experimental Governance;
// Public / Civic + Social Innovation Ecosystems;
// Values / Ethics in Science + Technology;
// Open Knowledge + Digital Peer Production
// Bottom-up R&D + Citizen Science + Technology;
// Distributed Technologies + Industries 5.0;
// Environmental / Social + Cultural Sustainability;
// Urban Action Research + Open Planning.

// Project + Resource Management;
// Transdisciplinary Research + Toolboxes;
// Strategic Foresight + Trends + Scenarios
// Qualitative Methods + Context Mapping;
// Co-Creation + Participatory Design;
// Stakeholder + Citizen Engagement;
// Community Building + Management;
// Public Outreach + Communication;
// Event + Workshop Organisation.